Factors for naming the retailer


Geography has been an important consideration in the project to date. The CER seeks to focus its marketing within a defined region, and a Community Energy Network (the Network) has been established that mirrors this regional focus. The target area roughly corresponds to an area that is typically described as north east Victoria.


The strength of the name for branding purposes. A name must fit within a marketing and branding strategy, but does not necessarily have to form the basis of a branding strategy.

Low controversy

The name should not evoke controversy, drawing attention to the CER through its choice of name. Attention of this kind is difficult to control and would distract from any of our own messaging.


The CER would benefit from a name that is vibrant, evokes the mission, is easy to remember (and fit in a URL) and travels well through word of mouth.


The proposed name needs to have an available URL and the name must be available.


The name should connect with its target audience. Names will be focus group tested on this measure.


Add any suggestions or comments. And then click here to view the proposed names. With the factors in mind, are there any names you would like to add? 



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