Help Choose a Logo for Indigo Power

Indigo Power needs a logo and would like you to help us choose.

You have already helped choose the name for your local community energy retailer -- Indigo Power. Named after the iconic flower that blooms up our valleys. This was a key component when designing the logo, as well as the bright wattles that also bloom across our region during spring. The wattle flowers also evoke the bright yellow of the sun.

Option 1.

A simple, catchy and elegant design. The wattle blooms make up a vibrant sun that shows we are committed to clean, renewable energy from the sun. It also captures how many individual pieces come together to make a whole -- a driving value behind community energy.

Option 2.

Similar to Option 1. The sun here tapers off at the end into a catchy swirl. The word power is stands out to highlight its double meaning: the power of community and also the reference to electricity.

Option 3.

The vibrant yellow dots of the wattle hover over a dark sun. Again, it demonstrates both through the words and a catchy graphic that together we have power.

Which logo do you prefer for Indigo Power?

Which of the images do you prefer for the logo of Indigo Power?

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